About Mayer Legacy LLC

After purchasing five Gardiner Angus Ranch bulls at the GAR spring sale in the early 1990s and liking the resulting calves, Mayer Ranch Legacy LLC has been buying top end bulls in the GAR sales ever since. Today the cow herd is 100% GAR bull sired for several generations.

By incorporating a disciplined breeding system focusing on traits of economic importance, we fix time AI our cow herd each spring. For the past few years, we have used proven AI sires like GAR Momentum and GAR Sure Fire. Our battery of clean up bulls consists of sires selected for docility, calving ease, weaning weight and carcass merit traits like marbling and carcass weight.

We also utilize Method Genetics to provide genomic testing to quantify the genetic potential of our herd. We test every bull and heifer calf born on the ranch. We constantly analyze the data we receive and use it to make herd management decisions. We want to ensure that our daughters outperform their dams every year, so we can continue to bring added value to the table.

In addition to the genetic prediction data, we also track weaning and yearling weights on our calves, as well as carcass data on steers. We base breeding decisions on the results of the data we collect in order to constantly improve our bottom line.

We breed our heifers and either retain or sell the bred heifers depending on pasture conditions. We retain ownership on all steers and cull heifers and market the finished cattle through U.S. Premium Beef. The goal is to market our finished cattle at approximately 15 months of age and have as many grade prime as possible. On the rail our calves average 100% Choice 36% CAB and 47% Prime.

We raise both registered and commercial bulls which we sell private treaty. They are all fertility tested.

Dr. Randall Spare, Ashland Veterinary Center, manages our rigorous herd health program. The herd is tested negative for PI-BVD and follows a stringent vaccine protocol.